Caribou Island

I received this book as an advanced reader copy back when I worked at Coles. To be honest, I liked the cover, and the story seemed interesting. I’m not typically a fiction fan, but I have to admit this story sparked an intense range of emotion and I blew through it in a few days. 

An Honest Opinion: 

David Vann provides some intense foreshadowing in the circles of family life so easily caught in. As a Mom, you always wish for something better for your child. As a daughter, you try to live and learn through your parents, and, sometimes, you find yourself walking a similar path. You know, the times where you say to yourself “I am my Mother” – not always a bad thing, but you realize that genetics are legit and you end up on the same life path in some strange twist of events. 

This book takes you on a familial journey in that awful loop of life where you end up exactly where you didn’t want to end up. It’s just the cards you were dealt. I found it easy to get lost in Rhoda’s story line, and I grew a sense of protectiveness for her, only to have my entire “perfect Rhoda world” smashed into tiny little pieces throughout the last half of the book. I found myself rooting for her to come out on top, and at the end of the story you’re left completely at a loss – and if you’re me, your mouth agape in the middle of a crowded c-train. 

What I Learned:

Consider how your decisions can affect others. You never know the impact you’re making on their life, and you never want to leave that realization to the last minute.

Bucket List:

  • Stand in the middle of a glacier
  • Visit Alaska, USA

Book Credit:

Vann, David (2011). Caribou Island. New York: HarperCollins.

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