Books are essential to my life. They’ve helped me overcome, achieve, relax, learn, and comfort me through all of life’s stages. I thought I’d start a journal documenting all of the life stages, lessons learned, new discoveries, and bucket list entries inspired by the books I’ve read. I’ve chosen to share this journal in the hopes that it may comfort or inspire others.

Why Timber & Turtle? Simple: Timber is my amazing dog featured on my header, and Turtle is my beautiful daughter’s nickname.

Books by Genre – I’ve sorted all of my reads by genre, just in case you’re looking for something specific

My Bucket List – Books that I’ve read have contributed immensely to my bucket list. Here, I’ll keep track of any additions or completions and will give you a play by play as I cross things off!

Used Book Stores – I love visiting old book stores, or sales, or anywhere unique I can find books. Here is a list of some of the stores I’ve visited and the books I found there.

These writings should not be duplicated under any circumstances. All of the images used on this site are taken by me – you’ll find I highlight a lot of book art, I’ve simply taken pictures of the book itself and cropped them accordingly.


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