Used Book Stores

I LOVE visiting old book stores and looking for unique out-of-print titles. Below I’ll share a few of the hidden gems I find in my adventures.



Books Between Friends (Calgary): I honestly forget how I came across this used book warehouse, but it is my most favorite place in the world. I go there when I need to escape life, and I get lost among the rows upon rows of books they have. You can find anything, and their profits go to charity. It’s located in the back warehouse of a computer parts store in industrial Calgary. You won’t find better deals on used books anywhere else in Calgary. I’ve found countless treasures here, so I won’t list them all.

British Columbia

The Haunted Bookshop (Sidney): I found this bookstore while waiting for my flight out of Victoria. It’s tucked on a side street, just off of the main road in Sidney, aka Booktown. I didn’t find that there was anything haunted about this bookstore, but they had a lot of rare finds. Here I found The Diary of Anne Frank and Out of Africa.

Renaissance Books (Victoria): My friends and I were walking around Bastion Square when I saw this sign for Renaissance Books out of the corner of my eye. The entrance is tucked into the alley, and it has a totally spooky feel. Anyone who’s been to Bastion Square can attest to the creepy feeling of being watched, well that’s exactly how I felt in this book store. It was an outstanding experience. I found The Memoirs of Monsieur Claude in this store.



Maui Friends of the Library (Pu’unene, Maui): We were in Maui for a wedding, and prior to traveling, I had researched on used book stores to visit. Luckily, I found the Maui Friends of the Library! They have three locations, and two of which are newer bookstores you can find in town. The Pu’unene location, however, is the most unique and memorable place I have ever been in my travels. You turn off of the highway onto this red dirt road, and drive into the sugar mill district. Just when you think you’re hopelessly lost, you come upon this old school. In the far back corner of the school grounds, you’ll find this amazing little shack full of books. I went to the Hawaiian Literature section and found After the Ball.